Easter Bunny

Spring is here and with it come two ages-old symbols of fertility – the rabbit and the egg. But since Easter comes in the springtime, these symbols are part of the Christian tradition of Easter. Either way, they’re cute and so I decided to make a LEGO bunny and some eggs.

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Friends Second Wave #2: Andrea’s Bunny House

Last week I posted “Friends Second Wave: Olivia’s Speedboat” and I was going to post more reviews of the second wave of Friends sets, but the weekend got away from me … I posted all the photos on Flickr for several sets but didn’t get around to writing the reviews. But this week I’m determined to catch up. So here goes with review #2, #3938, Andrea’s Bunny House:

Friends #3938: Andrea's Bunny House

This is another simple, small set, featuring Andrea (previoulsy seen in Fortnight of Friends – Day 3: Andrea’s Stage and Fortnight of Friends – Day 12: City Park Café) and an adorable little bunny rabbit. It’s a pretty simple set, but it’s nice to get some light orange bricks and pink plates. As a general rule I’m not sure it includes enough special parts to really be worth much, but the bunny is adorable!