Easter Bunny

Spring is here and with it come two ages-old symbols of fertility – the rabbit and the egg. But since Easter comes in the springtime, these symbols are part of the Christian tradition of Easter. Either way, they’re cute and so I decided to make a LEGO bunny and some eggs.

Like the sheep I built recently, the eggs and the rabbit are both designed based on the Lowell sphere concept, approximating curved surfaces using layers of plates facing in all directions. I built the head first, then the legs, then filled in the middle of the body.

The eggs are built on the same principle – the big end is a standard Lowell sphere and the pointy end is a somewhat elongated variation of my own design. I had to do some crazy parts substitutions to make the colors work right.

Easter Bunny and Eggs

Easter Bunny and Eggs: Ground Level

Easter Bunny and Eggs on Grass Easter Bunny Side View

Easter Bunny Without Eggs

Easter Eggs

3 thoughts on “Easter Bunny”

  1. That is so darn cute! !! Gotta good giggle admiring it. Especially love the little cotton tail.
    The egg shapes are amazing. Interesting optical illusion created making the vertical striped eggs appear longer than horizontal striped egg even though they are the same number of pieces.

  2. Fantastic craftsmanship! We love it. Thanks for the close up on the eggs. I think we are going to build instead of color eggs this year!!!

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