Advent 2022 Day 4

We’re up to Day 4 in our Guardians of the Galaxy, Friends, and City calendars! Here are today’s models:

Advent 2022 Day 4

I made a little YouTube video showing them being built and the MOC (puppy) that I built out of the parts so far.

The Friends model is a mystery to me. I thought at first it was a target for archery or something, but after building it and seeing how it spins freely I think it’s some kind of wheel of fortune? I don’t think of that as being very Christmassy, but maybe it is in Denmark?

Advent 2022 Friends Day 4

City gives us a nice little piano with an adorable kitten on top!

Advent 2022 City Day 4

The Guardians of the Galaxy model is a pretty bland model, a staple of Star Wars Advent calendars, a tool rack. Includes a hammer and sickle wrench and a bundle of TNT.

Advent 2022 GOTG Day 4

The MOC I built using the parts thus far is this little puppy. I don’t like dogs much, but they are so much easier to build than cats for some reason.

Advent 2022 MOC Day 4: Puppy

[Added later:] Instructions for the puppy are now available.
Advent 2022 MOC Day 4: Puppy Instructions

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