Advent 2022 Day 3

Day 3 of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Friends, and City calendars is upon us. Today we get:

Advent 2022 Day 3

I made a little YouTube video about this set:

The Guardians of the Galaxy model is a Kyln Hoverbot, or Prison Drone from the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Thanks to Jay’s Brick Blog for helping me figure this out. It doesn’t help that the instructions image in the box flap has you build it upside down (assuming Jay has it right, which he usually does).

Advent 2022 GOTG Day 3

In Friends we get a popcorn stand, using the LEGO ice cream as the popcorn. I love the 1×1 printed brick for the popcorn cup.

Advent 2022 Friends Day 3

The City model is a mailbox, which goes well with the kid from Day 2 who had a letter to send to Santa.

Advent 2022 City Day 3

I took all the parts from the first 3 days’ worth of these sets and designed an original creation. I came up with the Cassette Tape Rewind Bot: insert a tape into the slot in his front and he will rewind it for you, then open the door and the tape comes out! No need to hunt down a wooden pencil.

MOC Day 3

[Added next day:] Instructions for the robot are now available.
Advent 2022 MOC Day 3: Rewindbot Instructions