Advent 2022 Day 18

Power outage at my home means I’ll have to post it tomorrow, sorry!

If you really need your Advent calendar fix, check out The Brothers Brick or Jay’s Brick Blog. Jay’s not doing City, but both of them are also doing Star Wars and Harry Potter, which I decided to skip this year.

Power’s been off since 4:30am on Sunday morning, and I missed the chance to watch the World Cup Final unspoilered and have been juggling a generator and batteries ever since. It’s 2:30am Monday morning as I write this update, and they say it should be back on by 4am. We’ll see. Originally they said 6pm, but all night long whenever they reached their promised time, they push it back by 2-3 more hours…

And now I feel a migraine coming on, and my fingers smell like gasoline. Not having a great time here. But I am very grateful for the friend who loaned me the generator and who also brought their waffle iron and made waffles on my back steps!! Thank you Xander!