Bricks Cascade 2020 MOCs

It feels like a million years ago, but it has only been 4 weeks since my first (and I fear it may be only) LEGO convention of 2020, Bricks Cascade, in Portland Oregon. Despite early worries about coronavirus, I had a pretty great time, and don’t seem to have caught anything. Since then, of course, I’ve returned home and have been sheltering in place and watching with horror at the way the virus has spread across the world. It feels almost impossible that an event such as this could ever happen, much less just a few weeks ago. It’s amazing how quickly we adapt to changing realities. Everyone, please stay home and help flatten the curve.

Anyway, let’s try to forget about COVID-19 for a minute, and talk about the MOCs (My Own Creations) at the event. As usual at LEGO conventions, I tried to take photos of photos of all the MOCs displayed by the builders there, and think I probably didn’t miss much if any. Here’s an image of my MOCs that were on display in the Art area:

Bricks Cascade MOCs 0025

Kermit, Teddy, Kangaroo with Joey, Sheep, Galo de Barcelos, and Flat Owl are pictured. The newest MOC (that I built after taking this photo) is my Gentoo Penguin (Instagram link; haven’t yet posted about it it here) was later added to this section. I also displayed my USFS “Sherpa” smoke jumper plane in the Battle section, where it won an Honorable Mention, several Micropolis models (including some I have never posted about here), and Q*Bert over in Pop Culture.

I took over 1400 photos of the various MOCs on display, including my own. Check the Flickr album (or click the above image) to see them all.

On Saturday evening, they had a lights-out time where the organizers shut off most of the lights in the hall so people who had illuminations in their MOCs could show those off. Here are some photos from that in another Flickr album. None of my models had lights, but plenty of people brought illuminated MOCs. Here’s an example:

Bricks Cascade Lights Out 31