BayLUG April 2015 Meeting

We had a BayLUG meeting on April 19th, and I took a bunch of photos. The meeting was held at the Museum of American Heritage in Palo Alto and was open to the public for the last half of the meeting.

The meeting featured a “Superheroes” themed contest, but there weren’t very many entries. The winning entry in the adult category was Erez’s cage made out of Technic pieces which he explained to me was a meant to be a lantern, but he repurposed it when he saw the theme by adding two minifigs.

Bruce brought his enhanced versions of the Palace Cinema and Detective’s Office sets. He redesigned the latter to go on a street corner, rebuilt both buildings to fill out the baseplate (so that when placed next to a road, the sidewalk is on the road plate not the building’s baseplate), and added a storey to each one.

Other MOCs on display included some impressive models from new members. Dave brought a bunch of impressive Bionicle models, and Davin brought a creation featuring a bunch of figures that are supposed to be things that fell off the back edges of the tables in the basement LEGO room from “The LEGO Movie” who have made lives for themselves inside a metal box with a hinged door. The elements are attached to the walls of the box using magnets.

For my part, I brought my Pi Day, Sheep, and Easter Bunny models featured recently on this blog.

But as always the main feature of the meeting was the bulk brick shopping – we have a member who sells LEGO by the pound for a living, and he brings bulk parts to most of our meetings for us to pick through.