Brick Geometry Recording from October BayLUG Meeting

Cover slide from Brick Geometry presentation

Since 2008 I’ve been giving a presentation at various LEGO conventions, mainly BrickCon in Seattle, Washington, and Bricks by the Bay in Santa Clara, California, called “Brick Geometry” covering a variety of LEGO building techniques. A new recording of the latest version of this presentation is now available on YouTube.Cover slide from Brick Geometry presentation

Here is a list of the topics included:

  • Ratios and Dimensions
  • SNOT: Studs Not On Top
  • Fun with Headlight Bricks
  • Triangles
  • Studs in All Directions
  • Miscellaneous Brick Techniques

This evolved from a presentation called “Half-Plate Offsets” which was really just the first section (Ratios and Dimensions), with more content being added and refined over the years. Each time I give the talk, I add and update it to improve it.

The latest version of the presentation was given online at the October 23, 2022 Zoom meeting for BayLUG. You can watch the recording here:

Be sure to download the PDF of the slides to follow along, as unfortunately the right hand edge of the slides is blocked by Zoom windows for the second half of the presentation.

See the Brick Geometry Presentations page for more about the evolution of this presentation over the years and an archive of the older versions.