Advent 2022 Day 14

We have reached the 14th day in the Guardians of the Galaxy, Friends, and City Advent calendars, and today gives us:

Advent 2022 Day 14

Here’s a little video I made about these models:

The Friends model is another mini-minidoll:
Advent 2022 Friends Day 14

In City, we also get a new figure, a girl with a lamp:
Advent 2022 City Day 14

Guardians of the Galaxy gives us a The Guardian’s Ship:
Advent 2022 GOTG Day 14

And I built a bulldozer using the pieces obtained thus far:
Advent 2022 MOC Day 14: Bulldozer

Here are instructions for the bulldozer, if you care to try building it:
Advent 2022 MOC Day 14: Bulldozer Instructions