Advent 2022 Day 13

Day 13 in the Guardians of the Galaxy, Friends, and City Advent calendars gives us these models:

Advent 2022 Day 13

Here is today’s video:

Our Friends model is a karaoke setup – microphone and speaker.

Advent 2022 Friends Day 13

City gives us … a chicken with an egg and some stars? Not sure what this is supposed to be.

Advent 2022 City Day 13

The Guardians of the Galaxy model is Mantis with a blue electric guitar.

Advent 2022 GOTG Day 13

And I built a cute bunny in a flat sculpture style.

Advent 2022 MOC Day 13: Flat Bunny

[Updated: added instructions]
Day 13 Flat Bunny Instr p1
Day 13 Flat Bunny Instr p2