BayLUG at Maker Faire 2018

This past weekend my local LEGO club, BayLUG, participated in the Maker Faire Bay Area, which they’ve done every year since the Faire started in 2006. I participated in every one from 2006 to 2013, and this is my first time back since then.
BayLUG Maker Faire 2018 084

We had a large space, 80′ x 20′ (24m x 6m approx.), which we divided roughly into thirds – a train layout in the middle; more exhibits featuring Mindstorms robotics, GBC, Micropolis, and sculpture/mosaic models; and a play area where the kids at the Faire could build stuff using the club’s bulk bricks.

My contributions included the City Park and some houses and small buildings for the train layout; rolling stock including my Caltrain, an amusement park shuttle train, and a small freight train; sculptures including Kermit, Teddy, and the kangaroo; mosaics of the California Flag and Galo de Barcelos; and several Micropolis modules. (For models not linked here, I’m planning to post blog posts about them soon.) See the photos of BayLUG at Maker Faire 2018 for these and many more great inventions by club members.

I was there all three days of the Faire, though not always at BayLUG’s booth – I spent some time exploring the non-LEGO displays and vendors as well. You can see my photos of the Maker Faire in a separate album. It seems like everybody has a 3D printer and/or laser cutter nowadays! There were also some great Burning Man art cars and art installations as well.