Advent 2023 Day 24 MOC Instructions

Xmas tree

Sorry it’s taken me this long to put together the instructions to wrap up this series — using all the parts from all 24 days of the 2023 Friends and Marvel Advent calendars. I built an extra large Xmas tree using mostly parts from the two trees we got earlier in the month from those sets: Marvel day 24 and Friends day 12.

The instructions for this one are a little fussy; it would never pass muster as a LEGO set, but that’s what I could come up with given these parts. Each of the 4 sides of the tree’s greenery is in two sub-assemblies, and the lower part is held in place only by the upper part, but there is no stud clutch going on. You have to hold the small sub-assembly in place while you trap it using the larger one.

Xmas Tree MOC Instructions p1 (LEGO Advent 2023 Day 24)
Xmas Tree MOC Instructions p2 (LEGO Advent 2023 Day 24)

And here are the parts used.

Xmas Tree MOC Instructions Parts (LEGO Advent 2023 Day 24)

This year I purchased and built two of the available five calendars LEGO has released: Friends and Marvel. You ll need these, or at least some of the parts from them, if you want to build the MOCs I designed. If you want the other Advent calendars for 2023, here are some links to them on Amazon: City, Harry Potter, and Star Wars. (But please don t support Harry Potter, due to the transphobic politics of J. K. Rowling.)

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