Advent 2022 Day 19

Advent 2022 Day 18 & 19

I missed Day 18 because of a power outage as I mentioned yesterday, and I didn’t get these edited and posted until after midnight on the 20th, sorry! Will try to get back on pace for the remaining 5 days.

I made a combined day 18 & 19 video:

And here are the Friends models for both days. First in Day 18 we build a sleigh we can hitch up to the reindeer we got on Day 17.
Advent 2022 Friends Day 18

In Day 19 we get what looks to me like a hurdle for the reindeer to jump over, along with a wrapped gift and a hay bale.Advent 2022 Friends Day 19

Here are the City models. For day 18 we get a rocking horse and a model rocket.
Advent 2022 City Day 18

And Day 19 gives us a grocery clerk with an apple.
Advent 2022 City Day 19

And lastly, here are the Guardians of the Galaxy models. Day 18 is their spaceship with its distinctive downward-pointing orange nose.
Advent 2022 GOTG Day 18

I am Groot. I am Groot. I am Groot.
Advent 2022 GOTG Day 19

My MOC for Day 19 is a turtle. It’s a small model but it does feature some of the parts we just got in today’s sets.
Advent 2022 Day 19 MOC: Turtle

Here are the turtle’s instructions:
Day 19 Turtle Instr