Advent 2022 Day 9

Day 9 in the Guardians of the Galaxy, Friends, and City calendars veers away from the Christmas market theme.

Advent 2022 Friends Day 9

I made a YouTube video about today’s models.

Here is the City model, a cute birdhouse on a stick with an adorable birbd.
Advent 2022 City Day 9

Guardians of the Galaxy’s model is a Nebula minifigure in an ugly Christmas sweater featuring herself and Thanos on the back in a heart. (Thanks to Jay’s Brick Blog for filling in for my failed memory.)

Advent 2022 GOTG Day 9

Here are all three models together.

Advent 2022 Day 9

My original model with the parts so far (days 1-9 from the three calendars) is this blue and white kitty cat.

Advent 2022 MOC Day 9


[Added Dec 10th] Here are instructions to build the kitten:
Advent 2022 MOC Day 9: Kitten Instr p1
Advent 2022 MOC Day 9: Kitten Instr p2

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