Advent 2022 Day 1

Another year’s Advent has come around. Last year I decided not to do LEGO Advent, but I’m going to give it another go this time around with just 3 of the 5 possible Advent calendars. I’m doing the Guardians of the Galaxy, Friends, and City calendars.
All Day 1

I created a YouTube video about these sets, unboxing and building the Day 1 models from the 2022 LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy, Friends, and City Advent Calendars. In it I express some concerns about the packaging, especially the Guardians of the Galaxy set, and building the models.

Also if you like the pocket knife I used to open the sets, it is the Roxon S501 Folding Pocket Knife and Scissors 2 in 1.

And here’s what we get… Star Lord for Guardians of the Galaxy, with two guns and some badass rocket shoes. The torso is printed front adn back, and the head has two faces to choose from.

GOTG Day 1 front flat

GOTG Day 1 front smile

GOTG Day 1 back

The Friends entry is a minidoll, sorry I don’t know their names. But it’s nice to see some racial variety in these.

Friends Day 1

Friends Day 1 back

And for City we get a miniature airplane or helicopter, not sure which. It’s probably a police vehicle, given the color scheme.

City Day 1 front

City Day 1 back

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