BayLUG May 2022 Meeting

Ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, BayLUG‘s meetings have been virtual (on Zoom) with the exception of two meetings held in the parking lot of the church in San Leandro (including the April meeting). This is the first time we’ve had a meeting indoors and I was very nervous about going, but I went anyway.
2022-05-22 13.01.15
Although the government’s mask mandate had been lifted, we still had a rule requiring all attendees to wear them except while eating/drinking. I never took my mask off, but there were a couple of people who had food and were therefore unmasked pretty much the entire time, which I didn’t like. Also there was a young child there who was too young to be vaccinated and wasn’t doing a great job of keeping her mask on. But other than that, I think it was pretty safe from the COVID perspective. I still felt nervous the whole time as I’ve been isolating to a much higher degree than most people and am trying to reconnect more with the world going forward. But I’m signed up to attend Bricks by the Bay (June 23-26) so I needed some practice attending a LEGO event first.

I didn’t bring anything to show off at the meeting; I just showed up. I had made arrangements with a couple of members to sell them some LEGO sets I had decided no longer to keep in storage, so I brought those and handed them over to their buyers. Lots of members brought some really impressive MOCs (My Own Creations) and had them set up for display.

The month’s contest theme was “flowers” and there were some very creative entries in various age categories. See these and other images of the meeting, including some really great MOC displays at my Flickr photo album for the event. I also took photos of the gardens on the grounds of the Museum of American Heritage, where the meeting was held.