I’m still here

What do you say when you haven’t been doing anything to talk about? I haven’t built any new LEGO models in a while … somehow over the course of the pandemic my work area where I built stuff has become a collection pile for junk! But I’m really excited about the new season of LEGO Masters coming up next month, and hoping to watch the Australian show which just started this month as well.

I’m hoping that I feel safe and brave enough to start attending conventions again this year. Bricks by the Bay is coming up in June, and I’ve been wanting to build stuff for our BayLUG collaborative displays on Jungle and Dia de los Muertos. In the meantime, BayLUG is having an in-person parking lot meeting (members only) this weekend, so hopefully that will also help get me inspired.

I’m in the middle of getting my storage locker moved to a new location that’s larger and close to my home, which will make it easier to dig out my work area and maybe get those creative juices flowing.

Watch this space.