BayLUG September 2017 Meeting

Our local LEGO club, BayLUG (Bay Area LEGO Users Group), had a meeting on September 16th. I recently started going to meetings again after taking some time off from the club, and it’s good to be back. Sorry for the lag in posting about it though. The meeting was held at a church in San Leandro.

2017-09-16 13.54.31

I brought some of my latest models: the California flag I made for Bricks by the Bay, the kangaroo I made for Brickvention in Melbourne Australia, the Galo de Barcelos rooster mosaic I made for Paredes de Coura Fan Weekend in Portugal, and a smoke jumper airplane I’m working on (more on that soon). I also had some bags of loose parts to trade and/or sell.

2017-09-16 12.58.10

We had a nice little Micropolis display – several of my models along with some by Zonker Harris and Steve Parmley:

2017-09-16 13.52.31

Bruce Chamberlain brought the new Cyclone LEGO-compatible roller coaster to display along with the new Old Fishing Store and Ninjago City LEGO sets.

2017-09-16 13.54.18

Bruce also had an impressive sales rack of minifigures and specialty parts for sale:

2017-09-16 13.54.25

Speaking of selling, one of the most popular features of a BayLUG meeting is the bulk sales vendor. Miguel Monje brought buckets full of loose bricks, mostly acquired from yard sales and the like, to sell by the pound, and everyone enjoyed digging for treasures in it.

2017-09-16 14.06.43

Derek and Eric brought some trains to show off:

2017-09-16 13.55.21

They also had a powered LEGO track switch on display, built to be compatible with the MILS landscaping standard:

2017-09-16 13.57.28

I’m not sure who built this Pokémon Snorlax model, but it’s amazing:

2017-09-16 14.03.33

I was also impressed by this model of the hedge maze from the movie The Shining:

2017-09-16 14.04.04

At the meeting, we had a “Pirates” themed contest, though I neglected to take photos of the entries or build one myself. There was also a presentation given by Justin on MILS landscaping, proposing that the club adopt it for future shows. All in all it was a great meeting, with some wonderful models on display, lots of wheeling and dealing, and a mellow atmosphere.

2017-09-16 14.07.04

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