Dumpster Fire 2016

Celebrate the end (at last) of the year 2016 with this lovely ornament. Let’s hope 2017 brings us some kind of better news. Based on a Dumpster design by Bruce Lowell.

Dumpster Fire 2016

The model also hangs nicely from a LEGO string, for use as a tree ornament:

Dumpster Fire 2016 Ornament

Here you can see how I attached the flames:

Dumpster Fire 2016 Flames

This shows how Bruce’s Dumpster design is built by breaking it apart into chunks:

Dumpster design by Bruce Lowell Exploded

Here is the basic Dumpster according to Bruce’s design.

Dumpster design by Bruce Lowell

View the photo set on Flickr or explore Dumpster design by Bruce Lowell or his building instructions for it.