Improved LEGO Calendar

If you’ve built the LEGO Brick Calendar 853195, you might have discovered that it’s a real pain to rearrange it each month. So I’ve created my own version, using the parts from that set plus others from my collection, to create a better version:

Improved LEGO Calendar Front
Front view (January 2015)

For comparison, here’s the original LEGO set. You have to completely take it apart and rebuild it each month, and I don’t really like all the colors so I simplified the color scheme as well.

My version also includes the digits of the year built mosaic-style. The “20” on the left side are permanently there, under the theory that in the unlikely event this is still built in the year 2100 it won’t be too much of a hassle to rebuild the 0 into a 1.

The digits on the right side are modular, meant to be easily swapped around. I built 5 number blocks, with each side having an odd or even number (1 & 2, 3 & 4, 5 & 6, 7 & 8, 9 & 0), plus another 1 & 2 for the tens place (in the hear 2033 I’ll have to build another 3 & 4 block, but that can wait…)

I put tiles and a jumper tile on top of each of the 2×10 bricks with the months printed on them so that they can be stacked up behind the calendar for storage. This photo shows the stored unused parts:

Improved LEGO Calendar Rear
Rear view, showing storage for unused year digits and months

Here’s a close-up of the month bricks:

Improved LEGO Calendar Months
Months with tiles and jumpers for stacking when not in use

Here you can see the digits, with odd and even numbers on each side of each block:

Improved LEGO Calendar Odd Digits
Odd digits (each one has even digit on reverse side)
Improved LEGO Calendar Even Digits
Even digits (each one has odd digit on reverse side)

And finally, an exploded view showing how the parts all fit together.

Improved LEGO Calendar Taken Apart
Taken apart, showing how easy it is to swap columns of numbers around

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