Xmas Ornaments

This year I built a set of Christmas ornaments that I gave to someone special as a gift. I haven’t posted a MOC (My Own Creation) in a while, so I thought I’d share them with you all too.


The most detailed of these is a snowman, built using three LEGO spheres stacked. I used Bram Lambrecht’s sphere generator. The middle sphere is a fairly standard 6.8 stud diameter Lowell Sphere, and the top and bottom ones are one stud less and greater in size. Mounting the carrot nose was the hardest part and I’m not too happy with the solution I came up with.

2014-12-22 00.03.33
2014-12-22 00.03.38

“2014” Ornament

This four-sided ornament features the digits 2, 0, 1, and 4 on each of the 4 sides. Each number is composed of red and green transparent 1×1 round plates, and displayed on a 4×6 white plate.
2014-12-22 00.04.55
2014-12-22 00.05.08
2014-12-22 00.05.13
2014-12-22 00.05.18

Blue Lowell Sphere

This is a standard 6.8 stud Lowell sphere (though slightly simplified as I didn’t have enough jumper plates in blue) with transparent 1×1 rounds in clear, light blue, and dark blue scattered randomly.
2014-12-22 00.05.34
2014-12-22 00.05.41

UFO Ornament

This one looks kind of like a flying saucer. It has 3-way radial symmetry and uses some of the curved slopey parts I never seem to have any use for, in medium blue. There are transparent blue domes on each of the three sides and on the bottom. (The person I was making them for likes blue, can you tell?)
2014-12-22 00.05.51
2014-12-22 00.06.01

I’m planning to borrow these back from the person I gave them to in order to create building instructions which I’ll post at a later date.

Hope you had a great hoilday, whatever you celebrate, and Happy New Year!

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