BayLUG at MoAH

Each year for the past couple of years BayLUG has put on an exhibit at the Museum of American History in Palo Alto, CA. This year was no exception. The exhibit ran from December 16 through January 14. I didn’t actively participate in this show, though, as I was busy with holiday madness and illness. But the show went on without me, and I managed to go there last Thursday, when the museum played host to a reception for the local Yale alumni club. While I was there I took some pictures using my new phone (I got a Treo 700P recently) and I just now posted them on Flickr.

You can click the photo to the right to view the photoset or see the pictures as a slide show.[tags]lego,baylug,bayltc,moah,trains,paloalto[/tags]