Games using LEGO?

Lately I’ve been getting into board games, card games, etc. And it got me thinking. LEGO would be a great medium for games.

I’m not talking about regular games that just happen to use LEGO as pieces… There’s Brikwars but I don’t think that’s really LEGO-specific enough. And there are various LEGO-produced games, such as chess and such, which are neat but not really innovative at all.

No, I’m thinking about a game where you have to build some structure out of LEGO while your opponent tries to stop you while building their own. I remember once I came across rules for such a game but don’t know what I did with it.

Does anyone know of any such games? If not, how about creating one?[tags]lego,games,boardgames,strategy[/tags]

4 thoughts on “Games using LEGO?”

  1. Thanks for the link! That looks interesting. It makes me think it would be interesting to try mixing LEGO parts in the game of RoboRally.

  2. Here’s another link for Mechaton. I saw a copy of the book at my Friendly Local Game Store, as well, but I haven’t the Lego collection any longer to pursue the game myself. I’ve heard great things about it, though.

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