Save 9V Trains Minfig Protest

In BayLUG‘s recent exhibit at MoAH, Bruce Chamberlain set up a display of minifigs protesting to save the 9V trains line. Here’s a pic:

The Save 9V Trains campaign is a grasroots movement by adult LEGO fans to try to persuade the LEGO company to not discontinue the old, rail-powered, 9V train system. Last year LEGO introduced a new battery-powered, IR-controlled system which may be better for little kids, but the motors are underpowered and the system is not considered practical for adult train displays such as put on by the various LEGO train clubs.

If you want your voice to be heard, visit the Save 9V Trains site and register your opinion![tags]lego,trains,9v,save 9v trains[/tags]