Advent 2023 Day 20 MOC Instructions


For my 20th day MOC (my original creation) for last Advent I really wanted to get away from the wild colors of the previous two days, and I ended up deciding to use the white parts to make a little bunny out of the parts from the first 20 days of the Friends and Marvel Advent calendars. Of course that resulted in a much smaller model, as I didn’t have that many white parts to work with … but this is what I came up with.

The instructions for this are just one page:

Bunny MOC Instructions (LEGO Advent 2023 Day 20)

And here’s the parts you’ll need for this model:

Bunny MOC Parts (LEGO Advent 2023 Day 20)

This year I purchased and am building just two of the available five calendars LEGO has released: Friends and Marvel. If you want to build the others, here are some links to them on Amazon: City, Harry Potter, and Star Wars. (But please don’t support Harry Potter, due to the transphobic politics of J. K. Rowling.)

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