Advent 2023 Day 11

Leo & Fireplace

Our 11th models from the LEGO Advent calendars this year are the second Friends minidoll, Leo, and a fireplace with Thor’s hammer on the wall above it, from Marvel.

Today’s Friends model is Leo from this year’s LEGO Friends wave.

Leo (LEGO Friends Advent 2023 Day 11)

Here are some front and back close-ups so you can see the printing details.

Leo, Front (LEGO Friends Advent 2023 Day 11)

Leo, Rear (LEGO Friends Advent 2023 Day 11)

Meanwhile in Marvel we got Thor’s fireplace.

Fireplace (LEGO Marvel Advent 2023 Day 11)

And using all the parts I got thus far in these two sets I built this wind-up toy robot. The YouTube video linked above gives more details about how it’s built, and instructions for this and all the other MOCs I’m making will be published after Christmas.

Robot MOC, Rear (LEGO Advent 2023 Day 11)

Robot MOC (LEGO Advent 2023 Day 11)

This year I purchased and am building just two of the available five calendars LEGO has released: Friends and Marvel. If you want to build the others, here are some links to them on Amazon: City, Harry Potter, and Star Wars. (But please don’t support Harry Potter, due to the transphobic politics of J. K. Rowling.)