Advent 2023 Day 10

Seesaw and Captain America's jetpack

For the 10th day of the 2023 Advent season we get a seesaw (teeter totter) from Friends and a jetpack for Captain America from Marvel.

The Friends model is a fixture of playground equipment from when I was a kid, the seesaw (or teeter-totter if you prefer). However like the pushed merry-go-rounds we also had, these are mostly gone now, due to safety and liability concerns. How is any human minifigure or minidoll supposed to ride on this? I suppose the animals can, but no LEGO people can just fit on a single stud. Well, maybe the baby minifig?

Seesaw (LEGO Friends Advent 2023 Day 10)

Marvel gives us a jetpack. I didn’t know what it was just from opening the door…

Jetpack (LEGO Marvel Advent 2023 Day 10)

Here’s what it looks like from the other side…

Jetpack, Inverted (LEGO Marvel Advent 2023 Day 10)

Anyway once I put the it on Captain America, it made sense.

Jetpack, Worn (LEGO Marvel Advent 2023 Day 10)

Here’s a reverse view of it on the minifigure.

Jetpack, Worn, Rear (LEGO Marvel Advent 2023 Day 10)

With the parts received thus far from these 10 days of both calendars, I built a Bobcat skid-steer bulldozer, piloted by a snowman.

Bobcat Bulldozer MOC (LEGO Advent 2023 Day 10)

Here it is from some more angles.

Bobcat Bulldozer MOC, Side (LEGO Advent 2023 Day 10)
Bobcat Bulldozer MOC, Rear (LEGO Advent 2023 Day 10)
Bobcat Bulldozer MOC, Inverted (LEGO Advent 2023 Day 10)

I tried for at least an hour to get the jetpack’s neck mount piece to attach somehow to this and serve as the canopy for the cockpit, as I think it would look really great, but I was just not able to figure out a way to attach it using the parts we got so far. Maybe I could using my full range of LEGO parts in my collection, but that isn’t the brief for this challenge I’ve given myself.

This year I purchased and am building just two of the available five calendars LEGO has released: Friends and Marvel. If you want to build the others, here are some links to them on Amazon: City, Harry Potter, and Star Wars. (But please don’t support Harry Potter, due to the transphobic politics of J. K. Rowling.)