Слава Україні!

“Слава Україні” (in the Roman alphabet, “Sláva Ukrayíni”), means “Glory to Ukraine” and is the rallying cry of the Ukranian people as they resist the invasion by Russia. I designed these models to show my support for the cause. I designed a LEGO model based on the a Ukranian flag with the words printed on it. I also created two heart shapes, 6 and 10 studs tall respectively. The instructions for all three models are included in this post.
Slava Ukraini Instr p01

Ukraine Heart 6 InstrUkraine Heart 10 Instr
Download it as a PDF file: Slava Ukraini Instr.pdf or download each of the 10 pages as a separate PNG file from the Flickr album.

In case you’re wondering, no I don’t speak Ukranian or Russian, but I ran the design by a friend who does…

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