New LEGO Conventions page

I’ve added a new page about LEGO Conventions to this site, with links to the conventions’ websites, and for the events I attended, all the trip reports / travelogues / photos I’ve posted on this site about them over the years.

It may seem like an odd thing to post about now, with in-person events still not happening due to Coronavirus / COVID-19, but one of the few positive things about this year is that with so many events moving to online, there are actually more things you can attend than ever before! This year alone I’ve attended online editions of Bricks by the Bay, Brickworld, Brick Fiesta, and BrickCon, and am looking forward to the upcoming virtual Brickworld events later this month and in December, and online versions of BricksLA, Bricks Cascade, BrickCan, and others that may be held next year.

I also made a bunch of updates to the LEGO Links page, mostly removing stale links and doing a little reorganization. Please let me know if you have a LEGO site you think should be added there, or another convention I should mention on my conventions page.

I hope everyone is staying safe and staying home, and taking advantage of their social isolation to build more LEGO creations to show at these events!