Santa and Reindeer

So after building the Day 24 models from Advent and Christmas Build-Up I was disappointed that my sleigh only had one reindeer…. so I dug parts out of my collection and built eight more, and devised a way to hitch them all together, and put Santa Claus from the Advent City calendar in the sleigh along with the gifts from the Christmas Build-Up model.
Santa and Reindeer 1

I had to make a few color substitutions on the other 8 reindeer … the Kangaroo ate up all that I had of that type of brackets in light grey, and I didn’t have any of the curved slopes in that color. I left Rudolph untouched, though I did make a small adjustment to the way the harness connects to the sleigh.

Here are some other angles of the model:
Santa and Reindeer 2
Santa and Reindeer 3
Close-up of Rudolph leading the way
Rudolph Close-Up
Santa in his sleigh
Santa Close-Up

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