BrickCon 2015

Just got back from Seattle where I attended the latest edition of BrickCon, their annual Adult Fan of LEGO (AFOL) convention. I had a great time – played some games, won some free LEGO, and got a trophy (Best Sculpture) for my Teddy Bear.

I also gave an updated version of my “Brick Geometry” talk, and a new presentation on “Studs on All Sides” which talks about techniques I’ve used in models such as the Teddy, Easter Bunny, Q*bert, etc. (Which reminds me, I really should do a photo shoot of Teddy Bear and blog about him.) Here are the slides to the talks:

I didn’t take any photos at BrickCon, but plenty of other people did. I’ll post links to them here as I find them:

One thought on “BrickCon 2015”

  1. Whoa, Adafruit! That’s some nice publicity.

    My photos will unfortunately be a bit delayed. It’s good to see someone picking up the slack in the photo/coverage roundup department, though! I have no idea when I might get around to blogging about this one – and it’ll be strange anyway, since I ended up running late to just about everything.

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