February 24, 2002: Passenger Transport

February 24, 2002: Passenger Transport

This hybrid rocket/jet aircraft takes off and lands like a plane, and the engines switch to rocket mode to reach orbit, where it docks with a space station or the Lunar Tour Vehicle for their next destination.

This uses the Docking System I devised for spacecraft.

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shuttleshuttle-wingtipshuttle-sideshuttle-rearshuttle-rear2shuttle-front-thrustersshuttle-rear-thrustersshuttle-side-door-closedshuttle-side-door-opening-1The door has begun to slide.shuttle-side-door-opening-3The door is now fully open.shuttle-roof-hatch-closedshuttle-roof-hatch-openshuttle-cockpitshuttle-inside-airlock-openThe seats for passengers.shuttle-inside-engine-room-hatchshuttle-inside-engine-room-sideshuttle-inside-engine-roomshuttle-main-gear-downshuttle-main-gear-folding-1shuttle-main-gear-folding-2shuttle-main-gear-folding-3shuttle-main-gear-upshuttle-noseshuttle-undersideshuttle-underside-gear-downshuttle-docking

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