December 31, 2001: HoverThing Contest Entries

On my old site, these were four separate entries, but in reposting them I have combined them into one.

July 24, 2007: HoverThing Contest Entries

In August 2001, Paul Hartzog announced he was sponsoring a “HoverThing” contest. The Contest announcement and rules were posted on LUGNET and many people submitted entries, including myself. I didn’t win, but here are the models I built for the contest. The official contest website shows all the entries, including the winning one.

Pocket Rocket

Shown in both blue and black versions.

Hover Patrol

A simple police cruiser


A very silly entry for the contest. The main point was to employ an unusual color scheme and to find a use for the angled part in the nose.

Click the big picture to go to the set page on Flickr, or click on an individual photo. Or, you can view a slideshow of the photos.

RearFrontTopBottomStarboard sideRear obliquePort sideFront obliqueSideRearBottomFrontTop leftTop rightRearBottomOblique angleFrontStarboard sideBottomFrontRearFront, portFront, starboard