September 25, 2001: Pedestrian Bridge

This was the first LEGO model I ever posted about online, on my old personal blog.

Unlike the rest of my models, this was not built using my own LEGO collection. During a trip to Germany in August 2001, I visited with some German LEGO fans at the home of Holger “HoMa” Matthes in Mönchengladbach, and we built some accessories for their train layout. I built this pedestrian bridge.

More pictures from my trip to Germany are available on Flickr. The old site had a travelogue which I intend to eventually repost online somewhere. Pictures posted by Holger are available on Brickshelf.

I met these German LEGO fans on the website (steiene means “bricks”). There is a discussion forum, where I posted: “any German LEGO fans want to meet me?”.

Click the big picture to go to the set page on Flickr, or you can view a slideshow of the photos.