LEGO At Work

I brought in some LEGO models to show off in my office at Oracle.Me with LEGO Click the image to view the photoset on Flickr or view a slideshow.

On display is my DC-3 and some office buildings which were featured in the BayLUG "downtown" store window display at the LEGO store recently.

My coworkers have enjoyed the display a lot. All the comments I have had have been positive. I’m surprised to see that most of them think that the models are from kits, rather than my own design, and once I explain that they are generally very impressed.

My plan is to periodically rotate the display, most likely in sync with the BayLUG show schedule. Have you ever brought LEGO to work? What was your coworkers’ reaction?

3 thoughts on “LEGO At Work”

  1. When I worked in Tech Support at Borland, I used to have a LOT of stuff shipped to me there from Shop At Home. I knew something new had come in whenever a large contingent of people would approach my cube as a “herd” (news travels fast). Of course, I knew the place was LEGO-friendly from day one, when I spotted a build 5581 atop one of the mentors cubes there.

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