BayLUG Meeting, October 8 2006

On Sunday I attended a meeting of the Bay Area LEGO Users’ Group at the Museum of American Heritage in Palo Alto.
BayLUG October Meeting

The theme of the building contest for this meeting was “Harvest” and I created a vignette featuring the Grim Reaper (with a Halloween tie-in). It came in tied for first place!! I received a small Star Wars microscale Imperial Shuttle set as a prize. I’ll blog about that vignette when we get closer to Halloween…

There was also plenty of shameless commerce going on. I picked up a bunch of useful parts from Uncle Dan’s smorgasbord, and a bunch of minifigs from Mark Benz.

Besides my contest entry, I also displayed my DC-3 and moonbase “mobile lounge” – both of which are also in the “to be blogged about” category – and my Scarlet Mayhem spaceship.

Click the photo above to see more, or click to look on Flickr (slideshow) or on Brickshelf (pending moderation).[tags]lego,baylug,moah[/tags]

2 thoughts on “BayLUG Meeting, October 8 2006”

  1. Somewhat on a whim, I rode my bike down to the MOAH Sunday afternoon, the first time I had been to any sort of Lego event. I must say, for all the pictures of Brickfest and such I’ve seen, actually being in a room full of people and Lego was very interesting. I didn’t really talk to anyone (timid…), rather I walked around, looked at the tables, and bought some figs and a couple of parts. It was pretty fun, just to watch as so many Lego enthusiasts went about their business. Perhaps next time, I’ll bring some MOCs to display (along with a membership application, of course)

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