Online Pick A Brick At Last!

Ever since LEGO started offering bulk parts online through the Shop-At-Home service, fans have been hoping they would come out with an online Pick-A-Brick where we could specify a quantity and color of brick to order. Pick-A-Brick Homepage ImageThey’ve finally done it! The new Factory Pick A Brick service allows you to select bricks by type or color and enter the quantity that you want. They have all the same parts that you can use in the LEGO Digital Designer program.

The prices are quite reasonable too, for some things at least. For example dark-red 1×2 bricks are 10 cents each, which is the same as what you would pay on BrickLink. And 9V track is $1.50 for a piece of straight or curved track – comparing that with 8 pieces for $12.99 at the LEGO store or in the conventional LEGO online shop, you save $0.99 by ordering it from Pick A Brick!

The user interface is quite good, apparently using AJAX technology. You can even get close-ups of the parts and rotate them around to view them from different angles.

I don’t know if this is only available in the US (I suspect it may be) or in other countries. So please post a comment and let me know whether it works in your country if you’re outside the US.

Via Jonathan Lopes on LUGNET.[tags]lego,legofactory,shopathome,pickabrick,bricklink,news[/tags]

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