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Instructions for Christmas Build-Up Models

Throughout the first 24 days of December I had been posting about the Advent Calendar and Christmas Build-Up models. Each day I designed and built a MOC (My Own Creation) using the parts leftover after building each day’s Christmas Build-Up model, and while some of them are holiday themed, most were not. So I have created instructions if you want to build them yourself.

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Santa and Reindeer

So after building the Day 24 models from Advent and Christmas Build-Up I was disappointed that my sleigh only had one reindeer…. so I dug parts out of my collection and built eight more, and devised a way to hitch them all together, and put Santa Claus from the Advent City calendar in the sleigh along with the gifts from the Christmas Build-Up model.
Santa and Reindeer 1
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Four-Track Signal Gantry

A signal gantry I built over four tracks at Bay Area LEGO Train Club exhibit at the Train Collectors’ Association Cal-Stewart Spring Meet, Santa Clara, California, March 2-4, 2012. I built it Friday night after we finished the setup when I realized we would have a four track line without much decoration in that area.

The signals over each track are based on the Union Pacific Signal Rules. Over each track there is a signal facing each direction, and each signal has three lights which could be red or green. I set up the signals with two each track marked “Clear” in one direction (top light green, two lights below red), and “Stop” in the other direction (all three lights red), in keeping with the direction of travel we used on the layout, but after I set all that up, someone put trains on running in the opposite direction (as shown in the photo below)!

Four-Track Signal Gantry

Gondola Car II

When I first saw the new bracket parts found in the LEGO Tipper Truck #4434, I realized I needed to use them to make a train car.

Gondola Car II

I used parts from 2 of those sets to make this, along with a few parts I had laying about from other sets I’d recently taken apart (mostly the Maersk Train 10219). It was a very simple build – the main part is just two of the tipper parts from the Tipper Truck set with just a few tiles rearranged. The undercarriage is just made of plain grey plates, and the wheel trucks are quite simple.

In 2008, I designed another Gondola car, using 1x2x2 panels with 1×1 bricks between for the sides. This was so much simpler, and arguably more realistic (thinner walls), though the older model has more details on the ends. Instructions for that older model are available, but the new part isn’t in LDraw yet so I can’t make them for this one for a while.