September 25, 2001: Pedestrian Bridge

On my old Web site/blog,, I have a lot of LEGO postings which used for image hosting. Although I copied all the images to Flickr some time back, I never updated the listings to point to the new image location. Now that Brickshelf is going offline (edit: it came back, but I still prefer Flickr), however, I need to do that. And rather than update them on the old site, I have decided to move them to Brickpile instead. This is the oldest LEGO posting on that site:


Unlike the rest of my models, this was not built using my own LEGO collection. During a trip to Germany in August 2001, I visited with some German LEGO fans and we built some accessories for their train layout.

  • More pictures from my trip to Germany can be found on my website in the travel section.
  • Pictures posted by Holger were on Brickshelf – not sure where to link to them now. But I have saved a copy of them, and may post them somewhere if he doesn’t.
  • LEGO’s official home page.
  • The international LEGO Users Group Network.
  • I met these German LEGO fans on the website (steiene means “bricks”). There is a discussion forum, where I posted: “any German LEGO fans want to meet me?”.

Click the big picture to go to the set page on Flickr, or you can view a slideshow of the photos.