Advent Calendars, Day 21

Today, the Castle scene gets a scary orc warrior, while Town gets an innocent-looking pallet with twelve bottles.

Advent 21

Combining this with the past two days, you can see that the orc is attacking the inn, frightening the innkeeper who has to fend him off with her trusty broom. (As you can see her face is reversible; originally from the Spider-Man sets, it has a happy expression printed on one side of the head, and a scared one on the other.)

Castle 21

Meanwhile on the town side, our villain, dressed innocently as a train maintenance worker so he could get into the warehouse, makes off with the bottles of mysterious and important-looking fluid.

City 21

(Twelve trans-smoke 1×1 cones! Hooray! You may recall that when I built my sushi bar I didn’t have enough of those, so I had to use black ones for some of the soy sauce bottles…)

Advent Calendars, Day 20

We’re getting down to the wire here folks. Today we get more accessories, but tenuous connection if any to previous entries…

Advent 20

For Castle, we get a really nice table and chair with gold metallic bowl and goblet (plus extra goblet and brown cylinders). So I guess our maiden from a few days ago is an innkeeper after all. Though of course the innkeeper in Stormwind is a blonde.

On the City side, we get a really nice pallet jack. Our train worker from yesterday is supposed to use it, I guess, so I guess he uses it to load cargo onto boxcars?

Advent Calendars, Day 19

Today we get a bearded railway maintenance worker for the City calendar, and a bowl of produce for Castle.

Advent 19

Neither is particularly remarkable, though the scale on the fruit & veggies is a bit out of whack with minifigs. No surprise, as they were originally made for Belville. But on the City side we get new minifigures two days in a row! That’s unusual for an advent calendar; usually they’re about every third day.

As for fitting these into any kind of coherent story, I could say that the produce is for sale by a food vendor, so clearly yesterday’s minifig was selling food in Stormwind, but the only kind of apples I’ve ever seen in WoW are red and I’ve never seen a carrot there, so that is tenuous at best.

Advent Calendars, Day 18

Today both calendars bring new minifigs. In the Castle calendar, we have a female NPC (non-player character), probably an enchanting vendor, with broom and a rat. I wish it had been a cat instead of a rat, so I could say it was the Crazy Cat Lady from Elwynn Forest. On the City side, we have a suspect for the interrogation chair of yesterday. Will tomorrow bring a waterboard?

Advent 18

Advent Calendars, Day 16

I guess yesterday’s model represented the Alchemy profession rather than Cooking, since today’s model appears to represent an alchemy supplies shop:

Alchemy supplies

On the City calendar, we are supposed to get a photographer minifig, but I got a mountain climber:

Day 16 box image Mountain climber

Dark green legs FTW!

Alert readers will recall that I had a mistake in the Day 2 City calendar as well. I wonder if anyone else is finding these errors?

Advent Calendars, Day 15

No new figs today but more accessories for our previous figs. The warlock now has a cooking fire and cauldron. I guess she’s leveling her cooking skill? I don’t know any recipes that call for snake meat in WoW though.

On the City side, the diver has one of those underwater self propelled units. Probably a good thing because with that life vest he’ll need some help getting down to any depth.

Advent 15: New Stuff

Here we see the figs with their new stuff. The diver had better watch his feet with that propeller so close and unshrouded!

Advent 15: With Figs

But one thing I noticed just now was that the diver has the same face as the Good Twin and Evil Twin! I guess that means he must be Chaotic Twin. Here’s the family portrait:

Advent 15: Family Portrait

Happy Feast of Winter Veil!

Advent Calendars, Day 14

Today the Castle theme gets a new figure – this time it’s a human warlock, casting a shadow bolt spell. She has apparently run out of Soul Shards and cannot summon her Voidwalker. Perhaps tomorrow’s set will provide a minion for her?

Meanwhile the diver from yesterday gets his fins along with a “diver down” flag buoy thingy and life vest. The fins are attached to the sprue from molding. Remember when 1×1 round plates came that way? Ah those were the days…. Anyway, I don’t see how he’s going to dive down very far to use his speargun with that life vest on!

Advent 14

Advent Calendars, Day 13

Today we get a Frogman and a Frog.

Advent 13

The City calendar gives us a new minifig, so now the pie vs pizza mystery is forgotten and we have some kind of fish spear hunting guy with two mask/snorkel pieces, but no flippers or SCUBA tank.

On the Castle side, our intrepid dwarf warrior gets a new axe, a mining shovel, and a box to store them in. Oh, and a frog for a companion.

Advent Calendars, Day 12

Day 12 brings us more props: a mining cart for the dwarf and an oven for the chef. Hooray for the dark blue jumper plates!

Advent 12

My World of Warcraft analogies are starting to fail on me … oh wait, I know! Deeprun Tram! Well, kinda.

Advent 12 scenes

And I guess that must be a pizza after all. Maybe it’s one of those weird Chicago-style so-called pizzas?