Advent 2023 Day 3

Pooping puppy and The Amazing Sweater-Man

Our third 2023 Advent entries are a pooping puppy (Friends) and The Amazing Sweater-Man (Marvel).

Friends is going to include a lot of adorable animals this year, and this is our first one, a puppy who’s made a little mess. Included are two poops and a shovel.

Pooping Puppy (LEGO Friends Advent 2023 Day 3)

In Marvel, we get The Amazing Spider-Man — but my sweater sense is tingling!! The front of his torso is a sweater design with three Spidey heads and six snowflakes. The head is the usual Spider-Man head, and the legs are unpainted dark blue. He’s holding things in his hand which represent web shooters, and because it’s Christmas we get gold spider silk.

The Amazing Sweater-Man, Front (LEGO Marvel Advent 2023 Day 3)

Here’s a rear view, where the Spidey heads are replaced with his name, because you wouldn’t know who it was otherwise?

The Amazing Sweater-Man, Rear (LEGO Marvel Advent 2023 Day 3)

This year I purchased and am building just two of the available five calendars LEGO has released: Friends and Marvel. If you want to build the others, here are some links to them on Amazon: City, Harry Potter, and Star Wars. (But please don’t support Harry Potter, due to the transphobic politics of J. K. Rowling.)