Happy Pi Day 2017

Happy Pi Day! March 14, or 3/14 as Americans write it, is a day to celebrate all things mathematical. For Pi Day this year I designed a LEGO clock face using the first 12 digits of pi instead of 1-12.

You can take a standard (non-LEGO) clock mechanism and install it through the Technic hole in the center as long as its driveshaft is long enough (over 16mm) to clear both the background bricks as well as the bricks of the Pi and numbers.

I’ll make some instructions on how to build this and post them soon, but don’t have time to finish that up today, sorry.

Bonus: if you like nerdy math things check out the youtube videos from Matt Parker (“Stand Up Maths”). He did a video for this year’s Pi Day calculating Pi by rolling 120-sided dice 1000 times and then doing some calculations. Check it out: