New Article: Grey, Bluish Gray, Stone Grey, or Blay?

On some LEGO Facebook groups, I’ve seen posts lately from people who are new to the hobby and confused by the names used for the shades of grey that LEGO makes. So I wrote an article explaining what happened in 2004 as LEGO rolled out the new colors which many people call “bluish” greys. (They’re not bluish! The old ones were yellowish!)

Old and new grey colors. Image courtesy Gareth Bowler, via Joe Meno on LUGNET.

I remember when I got my first set with the new colors – it was set 4492, Mini Star Destroyer. When I started building it I was shocked to find the colors of grey were different!

What really makes me feel old is that a 12-year-old building with LEGO today was born after this change had taken place and has likely never even seen the colors simply known as Light Grey and Dark Grey.

Anyway, hope you enjoy my new article: “Grey, Bluish Gray, Stone Grey, or Blay?”

2 thoughts on “New Article: Grey, Bluish Gray, Stone Grey, or Blay?”

  1. Yeah, those old colors look kind of “muddy” compared to the brighter colors. It’s like they’re begging to be cleaned and brightened with OxyClean, like one would do with dull/faded White and Blue parts. I rarely use Light (“Stone”) Grey and Dark Grey parts in MOCs unless they are buried deep in the model, out of view. To me, they look bad in comparison with the newer parts.

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