LEGO and My Mom

For Christmas this year, my mom got me a sweater, a necktie, a pocketknife, a toothpaste tube squeezer, and a LEGO set – LEGO Train Set #3677 Red Cargo Train. I went over to her house last night and we exchanged gifts, and she wanted to see what it looked like when it was built…. so I suggested we build it right then and there! To my surprise she wanted to do it, so I helped by sorting out the parts and going through the instruction book with her while she put the pieces on. Her 71 27 year old fingers had some trouble getting the pieces to go on, but it went pretty well.

This was, I honestly think, the first time we ever did this! I think maybe one time as a kid I tried to work with her but I didn’t have the patience and took it away to do it myself. At least, that’s the sort of kid I was :-) but we went through the first two of seven bags (the locomotive, and the high-rail truck) and she built them all herself. But after that, her fingers were sore and it was like 11pm, so we stopped and I took the rest home.

But it was really a nice little mother/son moment, even if it was 30 years late.

One thought on “LEGO and My Mom”

  1. That is such a beautiful memory that you will cherish. You are so lucky to have a parent that understands your hobby as an AFOL. Merry merry and Happy New Year.

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