Tolkien Old Boys Club

Preliminary pictures of the minifigs from the new LEGO Hobbit / Lord of the Rings sets are out (thanks to Total Film)…

Tolkien People

What do these figs have in common? They’re all men! They should have included Galadriel (Female wood elf leader), Éowyn (niece of Théoden-King of horse riders), and most importantly Arwen (high elf princess), at least. Maybe the female characters will eventually turn up in sets, but given LEGO’s enthusiastic support for girls with the new Friends sets, you’d think they’d at least be somewhat sensitive to this issue!

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  1. I agree that having lady elf figs would be nice, but the group above is the Fellowship. You’d have to get Tolkien to rewrite the book to change that lineup. ;)

  2. Well hopefully it’s just a picture of the Fellowship, and not just all the minifigs in the sets… we’ll see what happens when the sets come out.

  3. Until the second film there isn’t any real ‘action’ scenes that have women in them so I wouldn’t expect anything until the second round of sets. As for Arwen being in this first round…shes barely in the first film and was cut out of the second. The only real ‘main’ female character from the Fellowship that could make it into a minifig is Galadriel and I can’t actually think of a playset they could make to include her that would be bought by anyone other than collectors.

  4. As a girl, AFOL, and fan of LOTR since I was 7 — feel deeply disrespected, even betrayed, by the all-male cast. So what if most boys would ignore Arwen and Galadriel? I don’t care. How much does a little bit of plastic actually cost Lego? They could put in at least one girl w/o breaking the bank. Then if the boys don’t want to play with her, they can just not play with her. I’m not buying these sets b/c I am just so steamed.

  5. As a follow-up, I point out that we are also getting a Ringwraith and 3 different varieties of Orc. Arwen is at least as important a character as the Ringwraith.

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