Fortnight of Friends – Day 2: Emma’s Splash Pool

The second small LEGO Friends set is #3931, Emma’s Splash Pool. This is day two in my Fortnight of Friends series, and the last “impulse item” sized set.

The box is the same size and type as yesterday’s, and the minidoll of Emma is pretty much the same as Olivia, but with dark hair. Yesterday I complained about the packaging of the minidolls, and it looks like they listened: today they’ve given me a torso in a nice easy to open bag similar to the bags that the LEGO parts in. The legs are still in that annoying stretchy plastic though.

Today we get a bit more pink, along with plenty of lime and white. The set consists of multiple models again: a small 4-piece planter, a lounge chair with lots of pink and lime green, and the main model, the pool, which has a pink floor. It’s called a spash pool, but I think it’s more like a hot tub. Though I would have put a blue or better yet, trans-blue bottom on it personally. Using pink makes me think it’s got some very odd pollution in the water. There are no particularly clever building techniques here, but I really like the new color “macaroni” bricks, and the lime green radar dish has some potential.

Next up tomorrow: #3932, “Andrea’s Stage”, moving up to the next bigger size sets.