Brickworld 2009 photos

Well, we’re halfway through Brickworld here in Chicago! Time flies so fast…. but tomorrow the big excitement begins as the doors open to the public. If you’re in the area, come on down and see the exhibits! I even have a free pass I can give to one lucky person.

I’ve taken hundreds of photos and uploaded them to Flickr. They’re organized into several sets, but all can be found under the Brickworld 2009 collection on Flickr.

Brickworld 2009: Setup
Brickworld 2009: Setup (18 photos)
Brickworld 2009: Serious Play
Brickworld 2009: Serious Play (28 photos)
Brickworld 2009: Presentations: Friday
Brickworld 2009: Presentations: Friday (10 photos)
Brickworld 2009: Opening Ceremonies
Brickworld 2009: Opening Ceremonies (6 photos)
Brickworld 2009: MOCs
Brickworld 2009: MOCs (556 photos)

(Note: I’ll be uploading plenty more photos in the next two days, so these numbers are as of Friday night at bedtime….)