John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

So I was looking at my RSS feed of incoming links to in Google Reader, and came across one that surprised me: I’ve always known my name is not that unique – the most famous of my homonyms being a certain musician who was the drummer for Black Sabbath. However, it still caught me by surprise when I saw my name – mine! – attached to other people’s web sites and blogs.

Anyway, Bill Ward (the Writer) has a list of links to Bill Wards around the Internet, and I’m on it. I don’t really feel like I want to add the same to my blogroll – my sidebars are too cluttered as it is – but I wanted to share some link love anyway, so here they are:

Actually regarding that last one, it turns out there are a lot of entries in IMDB with my name, none of which are me. As of this writing, the list has seventeen entries!

PS: In case you don’t catch the reference of the title of this post, check the Wikipedia page for the song “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt”.

PPS: Sorry about the lack of LEGO content… does this help?

3 thoughts on “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt”

  1. Hello my fellow . . . self? I’m the first BW on the list there, thought I’d drop by and say hi. You might be amazed at just how many of us there are (look us up on Facebook sometime, yikes!) — I’ve even shortened that list from my blog by a few BW’s that seemed repetitious or whose links had died (BW the wine critic — update that site, man!).

    Perhaps we should have a BW get together sometime? Given how many of us are musicians, it seems as if we could amass a fairly killer live band at the very least.

  2. Good to know you. I have a gmail account based on my (our) name, and get a lot of email that was intended for some other William Ward there.

    I’ve always thought that if I ever get around to writing science fiction I’d do it under a pseudonym. But now that I know you exist I see that I will have to!! :-)

  3. Or we could pool our resources, and become the Bill Ward writing collective or something ;)

    I think I tried for a gmail account and all the ‘BW’s’ and ‘WW’s’ were taken, unless I wanted a big string of numbers after the name. I’m sure you’re familiar with that — try to get an email or website or whatever, and your name’s been taken. That’s the only reason my site is ‘billwardwriter’ — I’m glad that that at least was available!

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