BayLUG Tenth Anniversary Meeting

We celebrated 10 years of the Bay Area LEGO Users’ Group on Sunday, October 12. Group PhotoThe club was founded on October 10, 1998 after LEGO came to San Francisco on a Truck Tour.

At the meeting we had a lot of schmoozing, showing-off of models, snacking, speech-giving, and prize-winning. If you enjoy any of those, you should come to our 20th Anniversary Meeting in 2018. Or one of our regular meetings, where we usually have at least the schmoozing if not the other stuff.

Enjoy the photos on Flickr (slideshow). I also shot a bunch of video footage, which hopefully I can edit into something appropriate for LAMLtv or maybe I’ll just put it on YouTube myself. Either way, I’ll blog about it here when it’s up.

One thought on “BayLUG Tenth Anniversary Meeting”

  1. This LUG looks really good, Bill. I live in the bay area (yay!) but probably won’t be able to join (my parents probably won’t want to take me to the meetings) until I get a car or something. I’ll probably be at the 20th anniversary meeting if I still like LEGO (which I probably will!) and if I remember. :)

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