Brickshelf v Flickr

I’ve been using my Flickr account exclusively for LEGO photos as well as other things, like pictures from Earthquakes soccer games or various scenic shots I may take from time to time. Flickr LogoBrickshelf LogoI always tag my LEGO pictures with the lego tag though. I stopped using Brickshelf in 2006 when Kevin Loch suddenly shut it down. At that time I uploaded my back catalog of LEGO photos to Flickr and updated links in all the blog entries… what a chore that was! Then he said it would stay up after all, but I was so miffed I didn’t go back.

But I recently realized that a lot of people are still using Brickshelf. So, I’ve started uploading my pictures there too. I’m working my way backward in time through the blog, uploading all the photos to my Brickshelf account that are only on Flickr. I’m not planning on posting any links to the Brickshelf pics, but in case anyone finds me through that outlet, they’ll not miss what I’ve been doing. I am putting a ‘readme.txt’ in every folder I add, which has links to the corresponding Flickr page and blog entry.

How do you do your image hosting?

4 thoughts on “Brickshelf v Flickr”

  1. When I upload to flickr I get comments and reviews from a number of friends I’ve met online. When I upload to Brickshelf I get cold numbers. I don’t care about numbers, I do care about talking with people. Flickr wins!

  2. Well numbers are good for the ego (if they’re good numbers) – but then a comment saying something is cool is even better for the ego :) But I agree, Flickr is better. I just don’t want to leave the old-skool folks out of the story entirely, so I’ll try to remember about Brickshelf moving forward.

  3. Flickr wins for me, mainly due to the favouriting, noting and commenting functions.
    The only advantages of Brickshelf are that it goes out to a wider audience, and that it is quicker to get the image URLs, as they are logically named, unlike on Flickr (which has the problem of having to click All Sizes on an image to get the URL first, too).
    Because of this, I upload my pictures to both Flickr and Brickshelf, so I can get the image URLs easily for use on various forums, but so that I can get the benefits of Flickr aswell.

  4. I disagree about getting the Flickr URL though it is true that the names are not logical. If you right-click on any image in Flickr you can copy the URL. It’s more obvious in Firefox than IE, but it works in both.

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